No Coincidence – CD & Download

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No Coincidence is the first album from Los Angeles-based dreamtronica trio Ondist, available June 12, 2020. Combining live elements of rock, jazz, downtempo, classical, ambient, and pop, with electronic production, Ondist creates cinematic, hypnotically moody songs.

Limited run – 150 copies available.

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What a balm for our troubling times: music that heals, as crafted by Ondist on No Coincidence. Maya Coppola’s gorgeous vocals wrapped in lovely sonics soothe the soul on “Under the Big Red Chair,” “Ocean” and “Beachcraft,” while dance beats get the heart pumping on electronica tracks like “Resound.” Reworkings of “You’re So Vain,” “Interstate Love Song,” and “No Rain” breathe new life into an eclectic mix of covers. The original “Solana,” with its message of longing for those we hold dear, may just be the song of the summer.

Holly George-Warren

Music journalist and author of Janis: Her Life and Music