Uplifting Moments

The depth of crisis in our world speaks to the intense need for mindfulness in finding our balance in life. As we approach the pandemic, and continue our actions to address racial inequality, we find solace in creation. Our right brains have brought Ondist together, and our first album, “No Coincidence,” has been accepted into many peoples’ lifestyles of cooking, reading, and driving. We feel lucky to manifest our authentic selves, and have you enjoy our music intentionally, as you find your happy places to escape.

Our next release, on Friday July 3, 2020, is for the DJs: “Acapellas and Instrumentals – No Coincidence.” We hope this companion piece to “No Coincidence” brings further joy to the world, in a deep time of contemplation.

Ondist – No Coincidence (Acapellas & Instrumentals) album
Ondist // Los Angeles based dreamtronica trio
Ondist // Los Angeles based dreamtronica trio

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