Reflections, Projections and Introspections

What a year. Hard to see it when you’re in it, but eventually the moment gives way to repose, and with that welcomed breath, comes the time to truly reflect.

Oh the reflection! Our adventures this past year have brought us to six studios in four states, where we recorded over 52 songs! If that isn’t a world record, then at the very least, it surely feels like one. Add the release of 6 singles, 4 videos, and the completion of our first album, No Coincidence (6/12/2020), to the mix, and suffice it to say, we’ve been a little busy.

And it doesn’t stop there. Ondist has turned into quite a machine, with projections to crank out 3 more albums this year: One devoted to instrumentals and acapellas of No Coincidence, and two of entirely new music. Yea, been just a little busy… all while navigating through…The. Weirdest. Moment. In global history. Nothing like a pandemic to boost productivity.

Also, nothing like a pandemic to make you appreciate the silver linings you do have, like being able to work, at a job you love, with people you love, making music. Even if we do get on one another’s nerves as often as we don’t. Lol. Just par for the course. In a time when everything seems wrong in the world, this feels, unequivocally, right.

Corbin on the largest SSL Duality console in the United States. The Hideout, Las Vegas, NV


Our DARKTRONIKA playlist is gaining traction with over 2600 likes on Spotify.

Gather Up The World made it onto Shazam’s The Best New Music playlist

Maya jamming with the band. Weights and Measures, Kansas City, MO.
Nick – Master of the Board. East West Studios, LA, CA
Our youngest fan wearing our first T-shirt
We are Ondist
Our favorite studio companion, Dice

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